Landscaping, Earthmoving, Slashing
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Turf, Sandstone block walls, Gardens

Driveways / Rock edgings / Mulch / Garden beds
  • Landscaping and Earthmoving. 20+ years experience

  • Hire of Positrack pt30 available

  • With our PosiTrack machine we can work on slopes, sand, soft ground, wet ground, even over turf. Low ground pressure

  • Hire for acreage or large block slashing or mowing now:  0400 115 869


  • Landscapes - residential, acreage, commercial

  • Sandstone block retaining walls and terraces built

  • Fire pit in Sandstone designs & construction

  • Yard preparation for turf and landscapes

  • Supply and laying of turf grass

  • Topdressing of turf & grass areas - big and small areas

  • Rock boulder walls & terraces - Retaining walls

  • Earthworks, leveling, gravel, mulch, garden beds, shaping, building & maintenance of trails through bush

  • Complete landscaping service

  • Slashing with PosiTrack machine also available

Timber sleeper retaining wall & steps
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