Weed control

  • Got a problem with declared weeds?

  • Council need you to clean up your block?....we can help.

  • Need to get Groundsel and Lantana and other invasive weeds under control.

  • Need ongoing solutions for your weed problems.

  • Terex PT30 available for slashing on HOURLY RATES

  • Large Terex PT110 available only on WEEKLY RATES for large areas to slash Groundsel, Lantana, Forestry works etc.

Give us a call at TERRA-SCAPE... 0400 115 869

We are available for hire.

  • ACDC certificate herbicide applications

  • Weed spot spraying -  residential, acreage, commercial

  • Boom spraying for large areas such as sports fields, parks, vacant allotments, acreage & roadside weed control

  • Property, block, acreage cleanups

  • We bring our professional experience and know how to every job, but what really sets out services apart is our attention to detail

Positrack tracked loader PT30 with slasher for hire -  we go where others can't!

Supplying large and small machinery

  • Great for clearing bad weed & long grass areas, small brush, lantana etc

  • Earthmoving and levelling with our 4in1 bucket and spreader bar