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We specialise in earthworks and landscaping projects.

  • Residential

  • Acreage

  • Commercial

Experienced in landscape earthworks:

  • leveling and smoothing out areas for turf and seeding

  • Building garden beds - small and large, particularly acreage

  • Mulching garden beds, embankments, large areas

  • Driveways - roadbase, gravel

  • Rock boulder edgings


TerraScape operates a Terex PT30 compact track loader for hire.

This machine comes equipped with a 4in1 tilt bucket and leveling bar. Experienced operator. 20+ years experience.

Narrow Site Access

Our Terex PT30 Mini Loader is the perfect size machine to hire for those hard to access areas such as narrow laneways, residential side access, bushland or under a building and through garages with rear door access.

Driveways. Roadbase / Recycled bitumen

We do driveway repairs and resurfacing. Acreage properties 

All spread and levelled via machine and compacted with a smooth roller for the bitumen.

We also do recycled concrete driveways and repairs - similar to roadbase but packs down more solid.


Road base driveway with sandstone rock edging

Recycled bitumen driveways

Created by TerraScape - landscape and earth works