Slashing / Mowing

Slashing service: For hire.

  • PosiTrack PT30 with slasher mounted out front for hourly wet hire.

  • Slashing acreage, vacant blocks, sloping country. We go where others can't.

  • Cleaning up long grass, groundsel, lantana, etc

  • Clean ups aswell in combination with our usual earthmoving 4in1 loader bucket.

  • Rubber tracks enable us to go almost anywhere

  • PosiTrack PT110 with heavy duty brushcutter rotary axe for large area woody weed control. (large 5.5 ton machine with 6ft brushcutter rotary axe)

  • Available for minimum 5 day hire  with experienced operator to clean up large areas of Groundsel, Lantana, Sapling re-growth, light Forestry clearing, etc

Mowing service: for hire.

  • Large wide cut commercial zero turn mower

  • mowing acreage allotments, large house yards, parks, sports fields, industrial estates, etc

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